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Two beloved dogs named Bob and Chiara, supported and stood by their human after he suffered an apparent seizure. When paramedics arrived at a man in distress in the city of Bauru, Brazil they realised the man was not alone. His two furry friends insisted to stay along side their human the entire time. 

When the man was loaded into the ambulance, the two dogs insisted to drive along. The paramedics then informed their higher-ups that the whole gang would be traveling to the hospital together. 

Patrícia Iolanda, the paramedics’ supervisor, wrote in a post, “Concerned about the lives of the patient and the dogs [if they had been left alone] … The team decided not to separate the friends,” 

Once the man was admitted at the hospital, adorable Bob and Chiara, was unable to enter, but was more than happy to settle in just outside the door and await his return. The loyal dogs’ waited patiently outside through the entire night. 

But their hearts became overjoyed the next day when their human recovered from the incident and was discharge from the hospital.  “If this isn’t love,” Iolanda wrote, “I don’t know what is.”

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