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While on an adventurous expedition in Antarctica back in December 2014, the interface designer and filmmaker Alex Cornell had the honour of witnessing a rare event presented by mother nature. Cornell witnessed the rare sight of a massive yet breathtaking iceberg which was recently flipped over by nature. “I went to Antarctica in December 2014. These rare shots capture the seldom-seen underside of an iceberg. “

This revealed an extraordinarily vivid blue underside. The striking polished ice, ranged from a beautiful light aqua blue to a dark teal almost black. According to Cornell, this breathtaking specimen looks “more like a galactic artifact than anything terrestrial.”

According to Jan Lieser, a marine glaciologist at the Antarctic Climate & Ecosystems Co-operative Research Center in Tasmania, icebergs normally appears white due to the air bubbles that gets trapped inside. The beautiful rare tipped iceberg’s deep blue colour indicates virtually no air inclusion. This is most likely due to the pressure from accumulating snow squeezing out all the air.

Did you know, that the iceberg which is visible is only 10 percent of its entirety. The majority of the mass is hidden beneath the surface of the water. 

Dr. Lieser explains, “While the iceberg is in the water it actually melts, so that balance becomes imbalanced and, at some stage, which nobody can really predict, these icebergs flip and turn.”

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