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What is a cool grandmother? To explain it in an easier way, we have to take a look at Dorothea Taylor. Taylor is a grandmother, church organist and music teacher. But, one thing that she is absolutely amazing in, is playing the drums and knowing her worth. 

While on her way to an audition, Taylor was faced with stereotypes of who she’s supposed to be. However, instead of giving up on her dream due to crazy stereotypes, Taylor confidently shrugged it off and stood her ground. Other musicians in the studio tried to usher her off to the side where all the softer instruments where located, but she rightfully took her seat behind the drums. 

That was when she blew the audience away by performing a badass cover of the Disturbed song “Down With the Sickness”.

“Have you ever found yourself making assumptions about someone before you’ve met them? What about before seeing them play drums? From assuming she plays ‘quieter’ instruments to not being taken seriously before an audition, Dorothea Taylor has heard it all when it comes to judging a book by its cover.”

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