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We all know puppies can be a hand full. With all that new bottled energy, it is hard to keep track of the little four legged babies and what they get up too. Not to mention, the possibility of several chewed up shoes, toilet paper rolls, phone, remotes, and the list can go on.

But, one person who know this very well is breeder Lukas Paschke of Deutsche Schäferhunde vom Wolfsbergblick. There is never a dull moment with the litter of tiny German Shepherd puppies running around. One recent moment was when Paschke was outside in his backyards busy sweeping the bricks. 

While going on with his house duties, his German shepherd puppies had far to much energy. The litter would attack the broom whenever it innocently crossed paths with the puppies.

And of course, he couldn’t resist making it an hilarious playful game. Paschke sent the broom to one side and then to the other, keeping the cute little energy balls entertained as they tired themselves out.

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