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The delicious treat know as a crepe, or even the more common name, pancake, has been around for centuries. The history of crepes dates back to 13th century Brittany, France. 

There is a tale in the French folklore, that crêpes were born of a “happy accident,” when a 13th-century housewife in Brittany accidentally spilled some buckwheat porridge from a kettle in the fireplace onto a flat cooking stone. 

Since then crepes have been evolving as new fillings are introduced to the world. From cinnamon sugar to tuna mayo. There has also been some changes to the recipe, and now, a new change in the way of making them. The Japanese company Morirobo has introduced their new invention called The Q Crepe Robot. The innovative series of automatic crepe-makers looks and spin exactly like vintage record player. This countertop appliance conveniently produces uniform pancakes with just the touch of a button.

Since the release of the invention, the company has been refining its machines with different-sized cooking plates and with elements. This will help any cook to create even more elaborate crepe designs in the future.

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