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While mother of 6-year-old, Jamie Moynihan was going about her business in the bathroom after attending a Christmas event, she found herself in a very surprising conversation with her daughter. 

Her cheeky young daughter, Katie came into the bathroom with something on her mind, and was determined to get her say. The adorable and hilarious little girl quite almost logically explained that she was already six years old. Being six, Katie feels that she is old enough to go to the pub which her dad went to that same night. 

Despite her mothers determined ‘no’ when asked if she can go to he pup, she still continued to convince her mother in several different ways. Katie eloquently kept up her side of the argument and calmly made her case over and over and over again. She almost looked like a little lawyer in court.

“My 6 year old daughter insisting that she should get to go to the pub. …She didn’t want to go to the pub because its fun to drink beer she wanted to go because she heard there was a Christmas party on and her aunties were going to be there…I promise you it was most definitely not rehearsed. If it was I would have filmed her anywhere other than from a toilet.”

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