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The famous Micheal Jackson hit song ‘Billie Jean’ was released in 1983, and has to the day still being played and enjoyed by people world wide. Even other artists who has taken the time to share their cover of this song. One band who has created their own very unique version of the song was the four members the Barcelona Guitar Trio. 

The trio which includes Luis RobiscoAlí ArangoXavier Coll Quetglas, and drummer Paquito Escudero Sevilla, amused their audience with their unique instrumental cover of the seminal song “Billie Jean”. And, yes there was a fascinating twist to the song as the four only performed it on a single guitar which they shared between all of them at once. 

Robisco held the guitar and played the lead melody, Arango played the octaves, Quetglas played the bass notes, and Sevilla used the body of the guitar to keep rhythm.

They definitely wowed the crowd with the talented skill. Another band known as the Walk Off the Earth also performed a hit song on one single guitar back in 2012. The group performed the Gotye song “Somebody I Used to Know” with five people on one guitar.

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