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Cats have a magnificent way of finding the most unique spots to relax. No matter how far they need to jump, climb or squeeze themselves into the spot, they never seem to mind. 

That has been made clear by a very flexible orange cat named Boo who seemed to have find her perfect, yet tight fit spot to relax. Boo adorably squeezes herself into a clear glass jar. At first glance, you might think there is no way that Boo or any other cat will possibly fit in that glass jar, or more importantly, get out once they have managed their way in. The mouth of the jar appears to be too small for Boo, but yet the determined feline proved that she can accomplish anything she puts her mind to it. 

Boo climbed in head first letting her legs follow. After managing to get her body in Boo made some adjustments and was comfortably seated with her little head peeking out the top.

“This video is funny because it gives people such anxiety watching her squeeze herself into such a small space. She gets into and out of this bowl with no problems.”

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