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All who have listen to their music knows that the Queen lead vocalist Freddie Mercury had an amazing voice. It was even proven by science. 

The band has produced one of the most iconic tunes that still makes its rounds to the day. The epic song is “Bohemian Rhapsody,” a dramatic six-minute performance that includes a ballad segment, a hard rock part, as well as a reflective ending. 

Many bands and vocalists have covered “Bohemian Rhapsody,” however, trombonist Christopher Bill has definitely thought of the most creative way. He, along with 27 of his fellow trombonists, came together to perform the massive hit song using only their musical instruments.

This incredible cover did take place back in 2018 at the International Trombone Festival. 

The ‘secret project’, as Bill called it,  gathers some of the most talented trombonists today. Watching as the musicians play away, it definitely lives up to the hype the original song created. If you’re unfamiliar with the trombone, you’ll be impressed with how well the single instrument matches the highs, lows, and rocking parts of the song.

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