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Most of us are oblivious to the possibility that our houses may hold hidden mysteries. Here is a list of creepy and secret things found in people's homes.

There you are one day, just cleaning out the pantry when you stumble across something unusual that you've never noticed before. On closer inspection, you find that there's more to it than meets the eye. As it turns out, it's the entrance to a hidden room!

Now, there are a few ways the next part of the story plays out. Either, it's just a dust old storeroom that was boarded up by the previous owners who had no need for it.

Or, it could be a treasure-trove of family heirlooms hidden from soldiers during World War II or an old chappel used for secret Catholic Christian worshippers during their persecution in 1700 England.

But, in many of the cases in the video below, it's something more ominous, disturbing and unusual. Like the guy who discovered an upsidedown cross and various satanic symbols and scripture in the attic and basement his new home.

Besides satan-worshippers, there's the hidden room with a concrete bed, a small lamp and rudimentary shelving, in the attic that could only be locked from the outside... One immediately thinks only bad things happened in there.

These houses can hold other secrets too. Like the annual migration of thousands of poisonous spiders to one specific house, literally escaping through the walls into the rooms. And the house, literally, plagued by hundreds of snakes?

You can enjoy (snigger!) all of these and more in the YouTube video by BE AMAZED below. So, put on your big-boy pants and enjoy the creepy and secret things found in people's homes.

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