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Having a dad who is in the action industry, it is bound to be that you as a child will delve into some action adventures and activities. And what can be better than your dad helping you to fully achieve your action scenario. 

Special effects animator Daniel Hashimoto of Action Movie Kid upgraded his children, James and Sofia’s play time by building them an incredible realistic childproof flamethrower toy. 

built an incredibly realistic yet completely safe flamethrower toy. By using a leaf blower and several feet of flame-coloured silk fabric, Hashimoto was able to create a safe and very realistic flamethrower. His children were ecstatic about their new toy, as James happily chased his little sister and her friend around the patio with the fun faux flamethrower. “Did we just build the best toy ever.” Yes, yes indeed. 

Daniel being the SFX animator that he is, couldn’t resist adding real flames in “post-production”.

“James and Sophia are our children, they had a friend over to play on the patio, and we decided to let them have some supervised play with this electric leaf blower. …Mandy had bought the kids some play silks that they use for home made forts. We decided to see how the lightweight fabric might play with the blower, so Sophia grabbed a large rubber band and some tape, .and we affixed it to the nozzle. …The result was even more spectacular than we imagined – large billowing waves looked remarkably like flames – and so the device immediately was dubbed ‘the flame thrower’”.

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