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Little Reggie is a sweet rescue dog, who has never heard any sound not even his own. This makes it extremely hard for Reggie to do normal dog things or speak dog language, as she doesn’t know what a dog like her sounds like.

However, despite the set back, nothing has stopped this little pup from creating a “bark” that’s all her own. Even though Reggie doesn't know the sound of a bark, she soon started to pick up the physical movement associated with it.  Soon enough Reggie came to the conclusion that it must be a pretty good way of getting attention.

One day adorable Reggie decided to try it out herself. “It definitely took me a moment to realise what she was doing,” Lindsay Kelly, Reggie’s mom said. “I thought it was a sneeze or cough at first. But when she continued doing it and looking at me as she did, I realised she was trying to communicate.”

Watch adorable Reggie and her own unique bark here on TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/@lind_saymyname/video/6908846384942812421 

Since Reggie found her “voice”, she decided not to hold back and use it as much as she can. “She's so proud of herself when she does it,” Kelly said. “Now, she usually does this bark when she's trying to [get] our attention somehow. Sometimes, she'll do it at the pantry door if she wants a treat.”

“She's usually able to get whatever she wants even with her fake barks,” Kelly said.

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