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Many Ukrainians have been forced to seek shelter underground during the horrible attacks under the ongoing Russian military invasion. With their lives turned upside down, people sought out shelter in underground metro stations.

Many citizens had their loving homes and even beloved pets to take care of. And despite the logistical difficulty posed by bringing their pets along, the majority of people were dedicated to bring their loyal furry friends along to take shelter.

Loving pet owner, Risabh Kaushik, who took shelter with his dog Maliboo said, “If I wanted to leave him here, I could have left long back. I can’t leave him like this and will take care of him no matter what happens.”

Touching and heartbreaking photos of pets and their humans revealed the poignant moments of uncertainty that are spent hiding underground from Russian attacks. Each photo not only highlighted the intense connections and bond people have with their pets, but it also revealed the tragic emotions people and their pets are dealing with during this time of uncertainty. Loyal dogs and cats cuddles up to their owners to offer love and support amidst the upheaval and turmoil.

Among hundreds of other people taking residence across the metro floor, several pets clings to their owners with the faith that they will do whatever it takes to get through this hard times. Humans and their pets serve as a source of hope and support during this time of crisis. Even though the fear is visible in their eyes, their unspoken bond, a communication of affection and solidarity is still apparent in each animal’s comfortable posture.

Other devoted animal lovers, including several non-profits in Ukraine are currently making it their mission to care for animals displaced due to the war. These non-profits include UAnimals, Happy PawShelter Ugolyok, and the International Animal Protection League. These organisations are working hard to provided service and care to these most precious creatures.

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