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Over the year, Liz Andersen discovered that whenever her beloved dog named Captain is happy or enjoying something, he needs to show his tiger toy. Ever since a puppy, the adorable now 1-and-a-half-year-old golden retriever has been obsessed with stuffed tigers. "He had a white tiger that was our daughter's and he claimed it as his own. He destroyed it, of course, but my daughter had this orange tiger, and he kept stealing it — so it’s his now."

Andersen added, “He brings it everywhere! He always picks it up when he gets excited and wiggles his little butt. It’s his bestie."

When Captain’s family moved from California to Denver, Colorado, Captain made sure to bring his best stuffed tiger came along. Andersen was super excited to experience her pup reaction in the new town and everything it has to offer - especially the snowy winters. 

And Captain did not disappoint. When the fluffy white snow started falling down and covering their yard, Captain couldn’t believe the experience. He immediately fell in love with the fluffy white snow.  “He kinda just looked around at it and, of course, tried to eat a bit of it. But he just watched … he was so fascinated.”

Captain surprised his mom when he suddenly came back to the door and asked to be let back in. But it wasn’t that he weren’t enjoying it. Captain wanted to share this special experience and the enjoyable snow with his beloved stuffed tiger. “He grabbed his tiger and ran back out and was galloping about.”

Captain clearly knows that everything is better when shared with someone you love. And that’s exactly what he is doing. “He has really made this family complete. He is such a light and is always there for everyone. We have a son that is autistic, and he always goes to him to give him comfort. He’s just the best boy we could have ever hoped for.”

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