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Anyone who has driven a car known that parallel parking can be a serious pain in the behind. 

Well, in a recent video that soon went viral, the one man is teaching everyone how to do the task like a boss.  

The video shows a Malayalee man parallel parking his car in a very narrow parking space quite effortlessly. 

The first 1-minute-29-second-long video the man is seen getting inside his car and driving it out. In the small space he takes his car forward and backs it up a little. He continues the process until he finally manages to get the car out.


The footage has been widely shared on Twitter, and now a video of him parking the car has also surfaced online.

The man effortlessly parks his car in a space exactly as big as his own car.  

If there was a competition for parallel parking this man would definitely win it. 

How is your parallel parking skill on a scale of 1 to 10 compared to this man?

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