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Lightning on Earth can sometimes be very spectacular, however, another planet offers a very interesting sight. NASA provided a glimpse of what it looks like on Jupiter. Thanks to the image captured by JunoCam, we can clearly see a  green flash in the distance. The photo, edited by citizen scientist Kevin M. Gill, was taken during Juno's 31st close flyby of Jupiter on December 30, 2020. So what explains the green colour? It's what's in the sky. On Earth, lightning occurs in water-filled clouds, Jupiter's lightning occurs in clouds containing an ammonia-water solution. And that's not the only difference between lightning on Earth and a gas giant. As you can see in the photo, Jupiter's lightning strikes occur mostly near its poles. Unlike on Earth, where lightning occurs more frequently at the equator. 

Photos like these are  another reminder of what makes NASA's Juno mission so special. Completion was originally planned for 2018, Juno will run until 2025. During this time he will continue to study  Jupiter and its moons. And over the next several months, Juno's orbits will draw it ever closer to Jupiter as the spacecraft sweeps the giant planet's night side. This means Juno has even more opportunities  to photograph more flashes.

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