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Graduation is an important day for everyone, but  especially  for a 5-year-old Rottweiler named Loki. The smart pup was trained to be a service  dog while her owner, Dr. Caroline Benzel who attended medical school. On Tuesday,  the University of Maryland at Baltimore awarded her an honorary doctorate in recognition of her services to  the hospital's patients. 

Loki and Benzel attended a special ceremony where Rotti was made official "Dogtor". It was an important day for the dog and the human after such a tough training session together. "The week I got it was the same week  I was accepted into medical school," Benzel explains. "So I started training her to be a service dog, but I knew I would try to train her to be a therapy dog ​​for the hospital."

So, whilst Benzel turned into analyzing medicine, her canine turned into additionally installing the hours via way of means of “treating” medical institution sufferers together along with her type and calm demeanor. Her extremely good character allowed her to paintings in lots of special environments, even regions with loud machinery. “She may want to come into essentially any a part of the medical institution that wanted a remedy canine to are available in,” Benzel explains, “and we'd ensure that we are capable of accommodate for every body and everything.”

Loki's overall performance on the medical institution turned into additionally praised via way of means of Dr. Bruce Jarrel, president of the University of Maryland Baltimore. In fact, she turned into so impactful that the University of Maryland Medical Center is aiming to increase its remedy canine application so there could be greater provider puppies like her. “I suppose simply the concept of getting a remedy canine are available in mainly whilst you are at a honestly attempting time on your lifestyles really makes the sort of distinction for people,” Benzel says.

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