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Benson the cat's life has definitely been a catwalk for the past few years, but he isn’t complaining. From posing in party wear to modeling Halloween costumes, this stylish gentleman sure has an outfit for every occasion.

Known for his incredible looks and adorable poses, Benson has become one of the most famous felines on Instagram. 

But, this adorable fancy feline did not always have this glamorous life and one had to face the world alone on the streets. Benson was found wandering the streets of Dubai five years ago but luckily his life turned around when he was rescued by his current pet parents who has brought him back with them to live in the U.S. 

“Back when I was living in Dubai, I heard a cat meowing. When I checked, it was a frail, timid little Benson looking for his family. I gave him food and water, then went around asking if someone lost their cat.”

When the couple came across Benson during the summer in Dubai, which can reach about 43°C, they decided to bring him inside to cool down. However, the temporary solution soon turned permanent.

“Soon I found out that his previous family moved away and left him behind. That day I promised him that he will never be abandoned. And I have kept my promise so far. For the past five years, he has traveled with me everywhere. But his true home is his dad. The day Benson met his dad, I saw a spark in his eyes. And I knew, he found his human. It’s true what they say, cats pick their human, and Benson’s is his dad.”

Soon after becoming a permanent member of the family, Benson’s family discovered their cat’s love for fashion. After trying on some fashionable pair of glasses they noticed that he seemed to be loving the style. “After a while, we got a little bold with clothes, and then even hats. He was sporting a whole look except for the shoes. He absolutely hates any type of socks and shoes.”

Benson can definitely pull anything off, from smart business attire to casual hipster looks. Here are some more adorable photos of the fashionista. 

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