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While many human look forward to the holidays, such as New Years Eve,  there's one tradition our pets want to escape from the most - fireworks. While they can be fun for humans, flashy explosives are scary, stressful, and even painful for many anxious dogs. That's why automaker Ford created a noise-cancelling doghouse to provide a quiet retreat during the holidays.

Featuring noise-dampening cork panels and an automated door, the cutting-edge minimalistic layout makes use of the identical noise manage generation Ford constructed into its today's Edge SUV. The kennel detects excessive degrees of noise with integrated microphones after which emits contrary frequencies to cancel them out. “We puzzled how the technology we use in our vehicles ought to assist human beings in different situations,” says Lyn West, emblem content material supervisor at Ford of Europe. “Making certain puppies and their proprietors ought to revel in a stress-unfastened New Year’s Eve appeared like an appropriate software for our Active Noise Control system, and we've some extra thoughts in development as to how our ordinary lives may gain from a bit Ford know-how.”

The Smart Invention is the first in a series of initiatives called Interventions that explore how automotive technology can help solve everyday problems. It's just a prototype for now, but you can follow the production  on Twitter.

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