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While the current pandemic is a global catastrophe that is devastating lives and economies around the world, some are still seeing the bright side of it all. Many people have discovered (or rediscovered) their creative side as they are stuck at home with nothing to do. That's why crafts are a way to keep busy until it's all  over. Some have started to address the issue of isolation by designing pajamas for working from home, others have taken it upon themselves to homeschool together, and still others pass the time by handing each other toilet paper.

Then we get the DIYers, who are doing what they do best: creating amazing things. One such  enthusiast and craftswoman is Christina, better known as Cristinaf on Imgur, who is also  busy. She recently posted a picture of her latest DIY project - a dollhouse door slamming into an  outlet in her house - on Imgur, which garnered quite a bit of attention from the community.

Cristina, with whom Bored Panda were given in touch, shared a university of a miniature dollhouse door that she slapped on an electrical energy outlet in her domestic, explaining withinside the photo identify that she has taken up setting dollhouse doorways as outlet covers round her domestic.

The door in query is painted darkish violet and follows the classy of traditional timber suburban domestic doorways. The door manage is a modernised rustic affair, painted gold, even as the door body is painted brown, bearing a simplistic pyramid-like pinnacle above the door. To pinnacle all of it off, the miniature door comes with its personal miniature “Welcome” door mat. It even has a golden key hidden below the mat! Stuart Little might approve.
"My house is full of cute and spooky decorations," Christina explains about her free time hobby. “I've always loved miniatures and dollhouses. I've been known to wear a mini teacup ring - I attached a  teacup and saucer from a doll's house to the ring. We  included a photo of the teacup ring later in the article. 

Kristina has done so much around the house  that she can't quite remember where she got the idea for the miniature door socket cover. However, this was the start of a wonderful new project for decorating almost every outlet in the house.

“I purchased unfinished dollhouse doors on Amazon, 1:12 scale. I needed to carefully take them apart and reassemble them, as all dollhouse doors open in. I painted them and then simply hot-glued them to the existing plates on my outlets. I do not recommend this for homes with small children as they can be ripped off easily.”

She continued: "It's important to understand that these doors are slanted inward, so you'll need to carefully remove the bottom piece of wood (I used a razor blade), flip the door over and re-glue it. You may need to drill new holes for the pins so the door can swing.Be careful not to tape the door shut.Finally, paint the existing outlet panel to your liking. and add details and hot glue.”

However, Christina did offer a small warning about rosette decor: If you have young children or very curious pets in your home, it is far better to buy matching outlet covers than aesthetically pleasing ones. In her case, she has two dogs who don't care about  Stuart Little's doors anywhere, but other pets do. 

As soon as Christina uploaded the image to Imgur,  people immediately liked it. Her post racked up over 3,500 points and almost 140,000 views in just one day. It goes without saying that this was a big but very positive surprise for her. People love it, and some suggest taking it  a step further and adding windows and balconies to the mix. Others praised  the golden key as being like a cherry on  top of an already delicious cake. Still others were inspired to finally use the dollhouse parts and materials they already had to do the same, and shamelessly claimed they were "stealing" the idea.  

Among many other things, Christina was also involved in larger dollhouse projects like the Greenleaf dollhouse which took two months to complete. Keep in mind that while the basic pieces are bulky and easy to put together, the tiles and wall panels come separately, meaning  she had to glue them all individually. This is in addition to the intricate painting of each individual item, including  window frames and other small decorations.

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