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The song "Peaches," performed by actor Jack Black as Bowser, has become a phenomenon that transcends the Super Mario movie. This hilarious ballad caused a viral sensation upon the film's release and received the live performance it deserved. As part of the Game Awards 10th Anniversary Concert, Black took the stage at the Hollywood Bowl  to perform "Peaches" to a cheering audience.

Black took the stage and said, "This gift goes  to my only one, Princess Peach," while footage from the film appeared on a large screen above him. Wearing the same Bowser-inspired costume he wore in the song's music video, Black wowed everyone with his expressive and hilarious performance. 

To complete the Super Mario experience, the singer played a pink instrument accompanied by a pianist dressed as a toad. Accompanied by Lorne Balfe's Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, many of his musicians couldn't help but smile as Black walked  the stage. Black, one half of comedy-rock duo Tenacious D,  is no stranger to flashy performances. However, some believe this is his first solo hit and could become the song of the summer of 2023. For a cheeky movie  song, "Peaches" is definitely a big hit. It peaked at number 56 on the Billboard Hot 100 and its music videos have been viewed over 45 million times.

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