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A woman who claims to have kept a McDonald's hamburger and fries  in her cupboard for 24 years has finally revealed it  to the world — with amazing results. Ali Sherb shared the moment her grandmother unpacked the food on TikTok, where it has since been viewed over three million times. The clip is captioned, "What happens if you leave a McDonald's hamburger in a bag for more than 20 years?" 

It shows Grandma opening  the box and revealing the original packaging. She points to a text purportedly advertising a NASCAR race in 1996. "So the date of the hamburger is 24 years old," she adds. First, the woman pulls out the fries, which look a little more orange than their fresh counterparts, but aren't rotten. "You look like you might have fallen in your seat about a month ago." 

When she takes the hamburger out of the legendary paper wrapper, she finds that the bread is not mouldy at all. "Meat never rots," she adds. "He's completely intact." The granddaughter laughs and adds: "So a 24-year-old Hamburger. However, I'm not sure what will happen if you eat it. 

A spokesman for McDonald's in the US said that "certain conditions" are required for their products to decompose. "Without adequate moisture - whether in the food itself or in the environment - bacteria and mould cannot grow and are therefore unlikely to decompose," they said. “So if food is dry enough, or becomes dry enough, mould, bacteria or rot is unlikely to develop. Foods cooked at home and then dried can produce similar results. Look closely, the hamburgers you see are likely dried  and dehydrated and by no means "the same as the day they were bought". The reality is that our burgers are made with only  100% USDA certified beef. Our patties contain no preservatives or fillers  and the only thing we add is a little grilled salt and pepper.”

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