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Sometimes we just assume certain things because it makes sense in our heads, right? But we also know what they say about assumptions: it’s the mother of all f*%k ups.

Obviously salmon sushi is from Japan because that’s where sushi originates from. Wrong! Well, it turns out it’s not from Japan, but from Norway. In fact, it took the Norwegians more than a decade to convince the Japanese that their salmon is fresh and won’t contain parasites, even if eaten raw.

Luckily, the Japanese bought into it and now we can enjoy salmon sushi all over the world. Thanks Norway!

At the New York Public Library, there is a number you can call if you have a question about anything. It started back in the sixties and, even though Google has made access to information so much faster, the service is still used by many New Yorkers.

In fact, on a regular day shift, there are six librarians handling the phones just to answer calls and questions. They get about 30,000 calls a year!

Of course, they get some weird questions and have saved records of these questions over the years.

One caller wanted to know if there is a full moon in Acapulco every night, while another caller wanted to know why do 18th century English paintings have so many squirrels in them, and how did they tame them so that they wouldn’t bite the painter? Seriously.

Did you know that clear Coke is an actual thing? Apparently, it was invented for a Coke-loving Russian.

After the second world war, Coke was banned as it was seen as a symbol of America and all it stands for. The Russians weren’t fans of the Americans back then, so they banned Coke in their country.

The Coke-loving Russian was an important general in the Russian army, and pulled some strings by calling then-US president, Dwight Eisenhower, for stock. Eisenhower got the people at the Coca-Cola Company to make Coke that still tastes like Coke, but is clear.

Fifty cases of clear bottles with clear Coke in them were sent to Russia and the General got his fix. But, it hasn’t been produced or enjoyed since, so don’t even think about trying to get your own.

Chinese takeout cartons are from China, right? Oh no, they’re from Chicago.

Although they’re used throughout the Western world, they have never been used in China. At first, they were used just as they are printed – white with no images or words, until a graphic designer decided to make it look a bit more Chinese with a print and a Chinese looking font for the words "thank you".

Watch the Great Big Story video below for more fun facts that you probably didn’t know.

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