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There are many hilarious TV Talk Shows out there, but sometimes funny moments happen on other shows too. Here are some of the funniest one on the internet.

It's so terrific watching celebrities be funny. It's even better when it happens by accident, especially on serious shows. From hilarious vocals by famous rappers to inappropriate recommendations from guests to presenters about what to do to his wife on Valentine's Day, it's all there.

There's the time when Kevin Hart and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson roast each other and other times when guests make impressions of their host. It's hilarious to see their personalities shine through, and these clips will have you in stitches.

It is fun when it's tales of hilarious, filthy or embarrassing stories from their past. Or, sometimes, it's when hosts, like Ellen DeGeneres, organise to scare the daylights out of Kanye West by having the clown from IT jump out of a box unexpectedly.

Whichever way you look at it, celebrities can be hilarious. So, why not smash that play button below and get yourself a full dose of some of the funniest moments in TV Talk Shows!

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