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When it comes to photography, one can say it's all in the eye of the beholder. As photography involved over the years, it's much more easier to create any type of photo using manipulation and editing effects. 

It is hard to not admire some of the amazing photo manipulations created in programs like Photoshop. However editing on the computer isn’t the only way to produce fantastical images as there are many other tricks such as forced perspective to make one see what you want them to. 

As we know, force perspective can make things magically change in scale, transforming them into seemingly much larger or smaller versions of themselves. 

A Malaysian toy collector Wire Hon showed us just how effective the technique of forced perspective can be in a series of his photos using action figures.

Hon has cast various DC and Marvel superheroes to appear in his funny portrait photos such as the Hulk, Batman, Superman, Deadpool, and even Black Widow who are made to look as tall has Hon and his family. 

In his series of photos, Hon treats each action figure character as a regular person and expects them to help out with the household chores. Hon hand them several cleaning supplies on the back porch and uses the much stronger characters such as superhuman to move the larger objects such as a mattress. Though the superheroes often begrudgingly perform these tasks, they’re one big happy family and pose for a group photo. 

It might seem unreal when you consider that these are just toys, but their normal human size in the photos makes the images believable and are a testament to Hon and his skill at using forced perspective.

Despite photoshop and all the detail that needs to be considered when doing the details on the computer, what Hon uses is much more low-tech. Using only a smartphone and strategically angles Hon is able to create the illusion.

Take a look at some more funny chores Hon sets the characters up to do.

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