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Have you ever wondered what an 80-inch symphony gong sounds like? In the Wind Chimes Australia video, 'Gong Master' Sven plays a giant metal precision instrument and explores the harmonies it creates. It reveals an otherworldly sound taken. 

 Swiss-based Estonian manufacturer Paiste's giant symphonic gongs are handcrafted from a nickel-silver material that can produce a wide range of sounds depending on how you play them. Such gongs are commonly used in meditative "sound healing" or "gong bath" sessions. Deep sound waves are believed to help transform your mood from a stressful state to a feeling of peaceful, happy bliss. The two-minute video shows Sven hitting the gong very lightly with a large mallet, causing a wave of deep metallic vibrations that fills the entire room. Sven then switches to a small hammer-like staff and slowly slides it over the  metal surface of the gong. This action produces amazing cinematic whale-like sounds that take you to the underwater world.

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