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Seeing a guy out on what is likely to be the cutest date with his dog, is surely to cheer up anyone’s day. It definitely did put a huge smile on Gemma Colón’s face when she stopped by the restaurant in New York City for a meal. 

Colón explained, “I was presented with one of the most unexpectedly heartwarming views. I noticed this dog seated across from his owner, perched up on a chair, acting like an absolute proper gentleman.” The two were apparently out on a date, and clearly everyone enjoyed the sweet bond.

Colón was fortunately seated in the perfect view of the adorable pair. She couldn’t stop basking in the sight of the good thing they have go She continued to explained, "The man was doing a crossword puzzle and sipping a glass of red wine with his meal. His date (the dog) was enjoying his own bowl of water, which he slurped politely. It was really amazing how well-behaved the pup was. I saw better table manners displayed by this dog than I’ve seen from some humans."

Here's footage of the pair enjoying their sweet night out: https://www.tiktok.com/@gemmsauce/video/6995713344124603654

Not only did Colón enjoy the sweet and adorable view of their bond, but she also saw several other people smiling at the cute scene. Even though everyone was overjoyed and caught by the special moment, no one had the heart to interrupt their meal to comment on their cuteness. However luckily for  Colón, she was able to overhear an exchange with their server, which revealed that the two enjoy their special dates on a regular basis.

"I heard a waitress comment on how good the dog was at one point, and the man replied saying he brings the dog with him everywhere. It definitely seemed like a very pleasant date, with lovely company."

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