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Using nothing but ordinary newspaper, skilled paper artist Chie Hitotsuyama creates lifelike, elaborate and detailed  animal sculptures. 

To create each creature she twists and turns her wet newspaper, Hitotsuyama skill-fully binds the pieces together. By varying the thickness and outline of the paper, you can accurately reproduce the look you want, from a living monkey to a resting rhinoceros. She also uses colour printing on newspaper to create impressive gradations. The process is  entirely manual and requires a huge amount of paper.

This Japanese artist has clearly honed her craft, but her passion for the subject  goes beyond the artistic side of her work. “Above all, I pay special attention to the realism of  animals,” she tells Kokusai Pulp & Paper. “Animals  in nature are equal to us in  that they live together on Earth,” she said. Sometimes they sleep. sometimes they eat They live a normal life just like us. I want to convey their lives by insisting on reality and making works in life size as much as possible.” 
 Scroll down to see Paper Trails, a short documentary about Hitotsuyama's amazing sculptural work.

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