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Some kids are pretty special, here are 11 unusual kids from around the world.

From child prodigies to those with rare diseases, the kids in this video will have you gobsmacked. This list of 11 kids includes a couple of young models who are famous for their beautiful hairstyles. Then there's the girl who suffers from a rare disease that causes her eyes to swell, and another girl who's heart has grown outside of her chest.

There's a young boy who can play two pianos at the same time and another boy who was born without legs but plays all types of sport, from wrestling to American football and swimming.

There is also a set of twins, but one is pale, with blond hair and blue eyes like their mother, and the other is brown, just like her Jamaican dad. There are sisters, aged 9 and 11, who are both really smart, so much so that they've launched weather balloons into the stratosphere for science.

No matter which way you look at it, some kids are more unusual than others. Find out about these 11 most unusual kids in the world by watching the video below now!

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