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The Urban Dictionary defines an edible as "Short for marijuana edible: Any edible product that contains THC.

Some of the most common edibles include brownies, cookies, gummies and chocolate. Although it varies from person to person, edibles tend to result in a much more intense and longer-lasting high than smoking. After consuming an edible, it generally takes 45-60 minutes (sometimes longer, again, it depends upon the individual) for one to start feeling the effects.

Because marijuana is legal in some American states a lot of people have taken to YouTube to Document their experiences on camera after eating different edibles, and some people have started doing fun tasks after eating different edibles and the results can be hilarious!

Brandi TV is a YouTube comedy/makeup tutorial channel where a lot of the time she will consume edibles and do a makeup or costume challenge. This one, in particular, is funny because she eats gummy edibles with her husband and then he attempts to do her make up. Enjoy!

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