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As a parent, one of the worst things is when one of your children talks back to you while you are busy trying to discipline them or getting them to help with the chores in the house. But, what's even worse, is when your beloved furry friend also learns how to talk back to you.

Recently, a video went viral after making its round on social media when a beloved dog talks back to its owner. The video below shows a brave dog who can really push back to his owner when he told him to go to his canine.

In the video, the guardian of the Siberian Husky named Brian told him to go into his house. But Brian wasn't in the mood and clearly expressed how he felt by continuing to talk back and say NO. The strange thing is that you can clearly hear the word 'no' from Brian. 

Some viewers expressed their disbelief in the video, stating that the video has been doctored. However, did you know that Siberian Huskies are one of the most talkative breeds in the world? They can develop their voices to speak and to learn some vocabularies.

And, it seems like Brian has gotten the hang of his talking skills, clearly saying 'no' to going into his home. Not when he is comfy, chilling on the couch.

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