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Have you ever wonder why the simple sound of popping bubble wrap or breaking ice, can be so satisfying? As it turns out, there is actually much more science connected to the human connection to bubble wrap.It is believed by some experts that this connection is similar to the need to fidget. Are you someone who cannot resist but click the pen constantly while listening to someone speak? Or bounce your leg while you’re listening and maybe even like to doodle in the corners of your notes? That is some example of fidgeting.

There are people who find fidgeting distracting or even as a sign of not being interested in the topic, however, it has been shown that fidgeting increases one’s attention span and helps with the retention of information. It has also proven that similar to fidgeting, people feel more alert after popping bubble wrap. The study also revealed that people who popped bubble wrap, appear to be more calmer afterwards. So similar to fidgeting, people’s ability to pay attention may increase as well as their ability to remember what they have learned.

According to experts, the enjoyment experienced from popping bubble wrap may be tied to human evolution. This means your brain is wired to enjoy it! And on that note, if you enjoy fidgeting or popping bubble wrap, then Ben from PressTube, may blow your mind with his proverbial ASMR videos where he shredded many unusual items. One of his videos includes him feeding a 50 meter roll of bubble wrap through a high speed industrial shredder. 

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