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Have you ever wondered how your favourite McDonald's burger is made? Or what happens behind the counter in making the burger? Well, wonder no more. Through McDonald's Open Door Programme, customers can request a chance to tour behind the counter to see what goes down. 

Rush hour is the busiest times for the kitchen to get all the food out in time. And have you ever though about they manage to cope in such stressful times?

Thanks to one McDonald’s franchise owner, Stephen Patula, everyone is able to take a peak behind the counter in one of their busiest times. 

Patula, is the owner and operator of a McDonald’s franchise in Ohio, and has shared the fascinating point of view of what a  typical lunch rush looks like from behind the counter. Patula also showed what a typical breakfast rush looked like as well.

In one of his videos shared on TikTok, Patula explained how he became a franchise owner/operator at such a young age. 

Watch the video here on TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@patulafamilymcdonalds/video/6939273696959794438

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