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Cockatiels are known to imitate human music and are able to sing "in unison” with their whistle-like vocal sounds. These magnificent birds have the ability to line up their vocalisations with a musical melody. Cockatiels also have the remarkable ability for flexible vocal control similar to what is seen in human singing. 

A very clever little cockatiel named Nico has definitely mastered his ability to imitate human song. And not just any song. In an adorable video, the happy bird chirped, chatted, and even threw in a bit of Queen’s famous song “Another One Bites the Dust” while intently gazing at himself in the mirror. “Cockatiel is talking, tapping, and singing to himself in the mirror!” The video read. 

As it turns out, sweet Nico has been mastering a few other songs as well. He has been whistle-trained by his human Colleen for some time and has since performed a number of songs.

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