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Little superhero moments happen every day. During a helicopter training flight, a pilot named Jimmy discovers a beautiful radio-controlled plane taking off into the sky. Unfortunately, the joy didn't last long and the toy plane soon crashed into a tree. After watching the whole thing from  the air, Jimmy comes up with the idea of ​​embarking on a small plane rescue operation. 

"Do you know how nice it would be if I could scoop it out of the tree for him? Do you know what kind of friends I can make? ' Jimmy says to the student co-pilot. He got an affirmative "Go for it!" The pilot, who posted a video of the RC plane salvage story on his YouTube channel, describes the scene as "hoisting up a model P-51 Mustang in a Robinson R-22." The story is less than five minutes long for him, but it feels like you've stepped out of a gripping action movie.

After safely approaching the top of the tree, the man in red quickly grabbed the plane and, being so large, carried it off the ship as it descended. “Do you think we can get clearance to land now?” the pilot cheekily asks, fully aware that viewers will lose their minds and have to wait for their arrival. 

"These people are tripping right now, you know?" he added. In fact, the rescue team is excitedly greeted  by their families on the ground. When the plane is handed over, the pilot tells them, "You're welcome, it's been fun." 

This video of him was released in 2012 and still wows people. It was recently shared on Reddit, garnering over 17,000 upvotes and many accolades for the pilot's expertise and variegated comments. "Can you imagine toy planes and helicopters crashing  out of nowhere and picking them up? Wild," said one Redditor. To this, the user who shared it responded, "I could spend a whole year with it."

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