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Dance is inherently a complex discipline that requires grace and precision. Can you imagine doing it perfectly underwater as if it wasn't so complicated on land? Harnessing the buoyancy of water, he creates sophisticated underwater routines that showcase incredible skill and body control. This makes his videos  almost hypnotic. One of his videos titled "The Inventor" quickly went viral on Reddit and Instagram as a showcase for so much talent.

In it, Gohir first appears to climb an invisible staircase, then shows off several dance moves and floats in the air on top of a pretend. Then he does something even more complicated. He begins  to walk upward, making a full circle clockwise in the water, as if his feet were the hands of a clock. In the end, he just poses like he's bowing.

Aside from the creativity behind the choreography,  it takes other skills to bring a choreography to life with such perfection. Not only do you need to control every detail of your body, such as your hands and  feet, but you also probably need to hold a precise amount of air in your lungs to hover at a certain height. 
Gohir also recreated Michael Jackson's famous moonwalk upside down on a submerged pool table and  below the surface. He  also covered the challenge of dancing underwater in a fun video. He portrays himself dancing on a hastily exhaled breath, performed by another diver. Ultimately, Gohil's craft showcases the beauty of what can be achieved when imagination and human perseverance are combined.

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