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You don't see a herd of bison approaching every day, but when television reporter Dion Broxton witnessed it, his reaction was candid and downright hilarious. Broxton, who was filming a report for  Montana-based NBC affiliate KTVM in Yellowstone National Park,  was caught on camera spotting a herd approaching him and quickly moving out of the way. His reaction is so funny, it's no wonder the video (which he posted on Twitter) has  gone viral since then. 

The footage doesn't actually show Bison, but Broxton's reaction says it all. He is caught staring at a herd rushing toward him. "Oh my God, my God," he says. I don't want to be joking." And he quickly hurried to his car without hindrance. we don't blame him. Bison can weigh up to 907 kilograms and run at top speeds of 56 kilometres per hour. 

Broxton later posted another video on Twitter showing the bison grazing on a nearby hill. "Here's a bison video taken from a safe distance (laughs)," he wrote.

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