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Whether it was hunting animals, building boats, or leaving handprints on walls, cave art is a very clear and interesting documentation of all the adventures of early humans. It can also tell archaeologists a lot about the economy and beliefs of Bronze Age communities. While this art form largely died out after the invention of writing, a late 2,700-year-old example  has just been discovered on a farm in Sweden. Forty petroglyphs  emerged from beneath a layer of moss covering a massive boulder that was once a coastal cliff.

These glyphs were discovered and published by the Bohuslen Rock Carving Documentation Foundation, an organisation whose purpose is to help preserve and document the many glyphs in the area. The rock carvings of Tanum in the Bohuslen region are also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Like the most recent finds, they date from the Nordic Bronze Age (1700-500 BC) and were created by picking and polishing rocks with a carving tool.

The new glyph is on a large granite boulder about 10 feet off the ground near the town of Kuvir. About 2,700 years ago,  sea levels rose and the rocks are believed to have crashed into each other, meaning the carvings were made by ships. In fact, the drawing depicts 13  of her ships, demonstrating the importance of ships in coastal areas. The rock is also carved with 9 horses, 4 chariots and 7 human figures. All of these sculptures are filled in with white chalk to look great in photos. Just imagining the time, effort, and skill that went into creating these sculptures brings a new appreciation of ancient human culture. It may tell the long lost story of  ancient Swedish coastal life.

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