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This month was a special anniversary for one of the world's most popular dog breeds. It's been 155 years since the first Golden Retriever was born in the Scottish Highlands. To mark the day, hundreds of Goldens flocked to Glen Afric's Gisachan House  to bring joy to this beautiful and popular breed.

A video shared on Instagram shows  466 golden retrievers gathering in one place at once, and it's safe to say they're happy as expected. Dogs of various shades of white, yellow and dark ocher are scattered across a wide green lawn. Every child seems excited to be there, but perhaps even more excited to be surrounded by so many puppies. 

The breed is said to have originated in 1868 at  Guisachan House in Scotland. Sir Dudley Marjoriebanks is believed to have bred the first Golden to satisfy his desire for a hunting dog suitable for the terrain of the Scottish Highlands. The marriage of a Tweed Water Spaniel and a Wavy Coated Retriever produced the first golden puppies named Primrose, Cowslip and Crocus. Its wavy coat and gorgeous demeanor set the standard for this breed. Since then, the dog has grown in popularity and is now better known as a family companion  than a working dog.

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