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Mowing the lawn feels so mundane that it's easy to forget that it's not within reach of everyone who has a lawn. From seniors who  can no longer tend to their yards to those who simply don't have the time or resources to do so, a well-maintained lawn is out of reach for many. Rodney Smith Jr. of Huntsville, Alabama knows this all too well and has found ways to give back to the community. Years after he first offered to mow someone else's lawn for free, he is now leading an international movement of young people helping their communities by mowing someone else's lawn.

Founded in 2016, the Raising Men & Women Lawn Care Service provides free lawn mowing services to seniors, people with disabilities, single parents, veterans, and the vulnerable who cannot take care of their yards. The project  not only inspired Smith, known as "The Lawnmower," to travel across the country to provide free services, but  also attracted children and young people from around the world to join him. Together, they began participating in activities promoting lawn care in their neighbourhood. one  time. 

“Raising Men & Women Lawn Care Services combines regular garden care services with efforts to establish  inspiring programs for young people (girls and boys) to learn and understand the value of young people in society and stay on a positive path. It is," the statement said. on the website.

Rodney created the 50 Yard Challenge in hopes of inspiring kids across the country. Those wishing to participate in the mission must submit a photo with the sign "I accept the 50 yard challenge." In return, the Raising Men & Women Lawn Care Service will provide you with a white t-shirt with the organisation's logo. Every 10th time you mow the lawn, you'll receive a new coloured t-shirt that resembles a karate belt, signifying a new level of mastery. The coveted black shirt is awarded to those who  complete the ultimate mission of cutting 50 lawns.

But  the reward doesn't end there. Those who complete the challenge will be given a lawn mower, blower and  trimmer to continue the mission  or start their own mowing business. Two of the youngest winners of the 50 Yard Challenge are 11-year-olds Ja'Torrian Taylor and Tevin Rice of Gadsden, Alabama. Their adventure began after they came to the aid of an elderly woman who was struggling to mow the lawn while holding on to her walker.

They then continued tending the yards with an old lawnmower that a neighbour had donated. After learning her story, Rodney went to her town with  new tools for her. "Giving these boys lawn equipment teaches them discipline," Smith said. "If you tell someone they're going to mow the lawn, they have to mow the lawn."

According to the organisation, in June 2023,  4,588 children mowed grass for free, and more than 25,000 lawns were mowed. In addition to serving all 50 states, the Raising Men & Women Lawn Care Service also serves communities in Australia, Canada, Sweden, Japan, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Bermuda and Germany. By calculation, if all  participants mastered the challenge, a total  of 229,400 grasses would be mowed. 

Though Smith  inspired thousands and left a lasting legacy, she continues to travel across the country to empower local children and help the vulnerable. I'm here. If you would like to support his project, please donate through the Raising Men & Women Lawn Care Service  website.
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