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As more and more people become confident that they can reach the summit of  Everest, long lines form, leaving people starved of oxygen waiting to reach the summit. The BBC has separately interviewed two experienced climbers, Tim Mosedale and Joe Bradshaw,  about this unusual and deadly phenomenon. 

They agreed that many people are being lured into the trip by travel agents without being prepared for what might happen. Inexperienced climbers can get tired quickly and need a break. Unfortunately, when they take a break, they end up holding a whole line of others who want to pass but can't. And they cannot turn back. "I think a lot of people would find it very difficult having come that far and paid that much money and told all those people on social media what they’re doing. I think there’s a lot of people who find it very difficult to make that decision. It’s having that experience and knowing when to turn around even if you can see the summit," explained Mosedale. 

Mosedale also explained that it wasn't the queue itself that was deadly, it was the danger of lack of oxygen that made the wait so dangerous. "When people have to wait in queues, they risk running short of oxygen – and may not have enough oxygen left on their way down. You have you know if you don’t have enough oxygen. You are gonna be in a whole load of trouble if it runs out …so people aren’t necessarily dying from being in a queue. They’re dying maybe because of the fact that they’ve run out of oxygen but the reason why they ran out of oxygen is because they were in the queue and they haven’t got access to spare oxygen."

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