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Reddit loves great optical illusions, and the latest eye-pleasing trick relies on a deceptively simple photo of a truck driving down the street (taken by Daniel Picon). We seem to be looking at  two images of him taken from different angles on the same street. However, the same photos are actually lined up. Can't believe  these streets are parallel? An easy way to see if the photos are the same is to run your hand over the photo to hide what's under the curb. 

You can see that they are identical, even though the truck on the right does not hit the image on  the left on its collision course. The more you move your hand down to reveal the area where the curb ends at the bottom of the photo, the more the road on the right appears to lean into the image on the left. 

 But if that  doesn't work, here's the evidence put together by a kind Imgur user. By separating and stacking the images,  it's  easier to see that what you're looking at is identical.

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