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Adorable sweet kitten named Meredith, didn’t have an easy start in life as she were left outside in the rain with her siblings at only 3 weeks old. When they were found the kittens were soaking wet and in desperate need of help.  

The little kittens were found incredibly sick, dealing with upper respiratory infections, eye infections and parasites, when they arrived in the care of Foster the Furbabies

Gianna Cirucci, co-founder of Foster the Furbabies, explained, “Meredith was the runt of the litter, and we weren't sure if her or her siblings were even going to make it. Thankfully, they all thrived while in our care, but it definitely did not come easy for Meredith.”

After her siblings had all healed up, poor Meredith still had some more issues she had to face. After facing difficulties with various of infections, and all the long visits to the vet, she was finally healed and cleared for adoption. However, according to her vet, little Meredith still had some difficulty with her vision going forward, but that doesn’t stop her from enjoying every moment of her life. 

“She was one of the very first cats we had saved since starting our rescue, and she'll always be one of our favorites.”

After everything this little fighter has been through, her rescuers thought it best to surprise little Meredith with a treat of Starbuck Puppuccino before she went off to her forever home. And according to little Meredith’s reaction, it was clearly the best choice ever. 

“She was always (and still is) extremely crazy when it comes to food. She would try to eat anything and everything. If she smelled something I was eating, she would climb up my body and try to either eat the food out of my mouth or go face first on my plate. For being the runt of the litter, this girl had a HUGE appetite.”

After they received the puppuccino Meredith immediately went nuts for it. “She automatically went head first into the cup, and we started recording her because it was a moment we never wanted to forget. She had us laughing so hard, we were in tears and I was wheezing.”

Not getting enough of the delicious treat, Meredith decided to stick her whole head into the cup to absorb it all.

“More of the pup cup got on her face than in her mouth and we cleaned her up directly after, but she definitely had a good time and enjoyed her treat. She kept trying to pull the cup back to her face and was so upset when we wouldn't let her have any more.” 

A few days after she devoured her puppucino, Meredith went off to her forever home where she has other cat siblings, a lot of cuddles, and a lot of love.  

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