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The year 2020 has not been one of the most easiest of times but, through all the ups and downs, we still have some funny entertainment to lift up our spirits.


Number One - The year of the plagues



Number Two - The right attitude for 2020



Number Three - Those who care



Number Four - The countdown



Number Five - Are you essential? Then sanitize...



Number Six - Make sure those hands are clean



Number Seven - Day one of getting paid vs day two



Number Eight - What year will you time travel to?



Number Nine - The three stages of 2020



Number Ten - The decline of pants



Number Eleven - Doing it yourself, because you know best



Number Twelve - What to expect



Number Thirteen - Not today



Number Fourteen - Who has a little bit of Sheldon in them these days?



Number Fifteen - Lettuce remain calm 

Continue smiling and spreading the joy during this hard moment the world is facing. Remember a smile costs nothing, but a broken nose will cost a lot more.

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