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One day, an old wild sea lion comes from the Pacific Ocean  and befriends a beautiful chocolate dog named Slim who lives on Malibu Beach. For the next two years, the sea lion left the sea and came to the beach to visit her friend's dog. Slim's human, Lindsey, explained that although Slim didn't like other dogs, he really enjoyed being around his pinniped friend. "I took him to the dog park and observed how reluctant he was to play with dogs. He feels much more comfortable in the water." This is the actual natural habitat…the sea lion showed up 3-4 times a week for at least 2 years…. It was so incredible. They were really sweet and curious and just wanted to be with each other and that was all they needed. ” 

Unfortunately, the sea lion died shortly after our last visit together. Lindsay said she was encouraged by the friendship between the two animals. "We believe the sea lion came to rest outside the home to spend her last moments with Slim. He didn't always wonder where his friends were, but every time they came over, it was like the biggest surprise ever. We can really learn a lot from animals.

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