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The Kingsguard is known for being stoic and unwavering. Thousands of tourists stop by Buckingham Palace to take photos next to it, but you rarely see them change their personalities. But when the boy, dressed as a soldier, saluted the marching troops, he received a rare recognition from the guards. User @franktheSoldier1's TikTok video documents the entire event. The young child wears a perfect replica of the Kingsguard uniform, complete with a bright red jacket, white belt, and furry black hat. He waited for the troops to advance, and just as they passed, a small boy raised his left hand in  salute. Instead of being ignored, some guards show subtle appreciation to the child.

The man with the  trombone appears to smile at him, and then one of the last men marching gives the boy a slight nod, as if he too is  part of the troop. There is. After the Kingsguard leaves, the child turns to its parents and gives an enthusiastic thumbs up. Like many others, he probably didn't expect  the guards to act the way they saw him, so the fact that he  was easily recognised was probably an exciting surprise.

Although rare, this is not the only case in which soldiers intercede on behalf of visitors. Another video on TikTok shows soldiers carrying out King's Lifeguard duties at Horse Guards as an elderly man and a 17-year-old boy with Down syndrome approach for a photo. The soldier saw them approaching and immediately took a gentle sideways step toward them. His actions were very much appreciated by both of them, and the older man said to him, "I have a lot of respect for him."

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