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Date: 2019-01-22

This poor little guy, named "the world's loneliest frog", has been alone for 10 years! Finally, he might have just found his better half to save his species.

Romeo’s search for love started when Bolivia’s Alcide d’Orbigny Natural History Museum teamed up with Global Wildlife Conservation in order to raise money to help save the Sehuencas water frogs from extinction.

Teresa Camacho, a zoologist, led an expedition to Bolivia’s cloud forest last month to find a female Sehuencas frog who Romeo would be able to reproduce with. “At that point, we were exhausted after searching all day with no results,” Teresa remembers. “We looked for the frogs in streams that had the perfect conditions, including in a stream where I had found Sehuencas Water Frogs 10 years ago. But we didn’t see any species of frogs, water frog or otherwise. The entire team was wet and tired.”

According to the scientists, Juliet is at the perfect age for reproduction. However, for the moment she’s quarantined until test results come back – the zoologists have to make sure she doesn’t have dangerous chytrid fungus, which has been known to have wiped out entire populations of frogs.

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