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There's footage of a man who was about to win £100 for hanging from a bar for 100 seconds. It's been making its rounds on social media, but it's not because of him just hanging about. It's because of him getting pulled down by the person running the challenge!

Not a lot of people win this sort of challenge because, usually, the contestant lets go. After all, the bar is dodgy, and 100 seconds is actually quite a while. 

For every contestant, it cost £10 to enter. TikTok user @omermajid shared his effort in trying to win the £100. Being confident in his grip strength and his ability to endure the time hanging from a bar, he was sure he was set to win. And he was until the host had other ideas when he intervened and started pinching and grabbing the @omermajid's leg.

To secure his win, @omermajid aimed a kick out at the host. This only led to things turning a bit ugly when he was dragged down from the bar. The incident appears to have taken place in Stratford, East London, and was shared on TikTok by user @allandude, who wrote: "What a scam."

Watch the video here.

The contestant in the video later recorded a duet explaining what happened and shared, "Everybody wants to know the whole story of what happened. 

"Basically, I tried to win £100 by paying the guy £10. I almost won, actually, and then when I was getting towards winning, he started to touch me and stuff. I don't get angry at first, I mean, I do, but I was holding it in. Eventually he tries it again, and I kick him, then it gets a bit aggressive. Then he pulls me down, I lose my £10, and the game just goes on."

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