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For those of you who have thought that the days of the mullet has passed, think again. Children from all over the USA, seems to be bringing this interesting style back to life. 

Nearly 700 competitors from around the U.S. entered to try to win the title of best mullet, and after some time the USA Mullet Championships recently announced this year’s winners of the 2022 Kid Mullet Championships and the Teen Mullet Championships. 

Each entry was judged in three rounds of voting and judging—both online and by a “mullet celebrity judging panel”. The winners was announced to be Emmitt Bailey of Menomonie, Wisconsin, for the Kids Mullet division; and Cayden Kershaw of Wausau, Wisconsin, for the Teens Mullet division.

For those who are not familiar with the famous mullet, the mullet is a haircut known for being “business in the front, party in the back.” And if you are looking into doing it yourself, take a look at Bailey and Kershaw. According to Kevin Begola, the USA Mullet Championships founder and president, “they stand as a beacon for all those seeking to attain the mullet lifestyle.”

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