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Danielle Joyce, mother of daughter Olivia, said she laughed out loud when she discovered the note her daughter had left her.

The note was in a bid to convince her that she deserved a day off school despite only being a couple of weeks into the new term.

Olivia thought it through to leave her mother a message to find in the morning. The letter contained instructions as well as a script in order to convince the school office she had a "high tempreture" and felt "dissy".

Olivia even took a step further by turning on her charm. She said that the reason for not wanting to go to school was so that she could spend the time with her mother instead. She also asked in the note not to be woken up.

Mother Danielle shared a photo of the hilarious handwritten note on Facebook that read;

 "Hi mum it's Olivia. I just wanted to tell you dont wake me up I am realy tired!

Pls say to the office: 'Hi it's Olivia's mum she has a high tempreture and she says she feels dissy and sick... Please at least I can spend some time with you :) I love you xxx PLEASE JUST FOR ME! Xxx

PS - your lovely daughter Olivia."

Danielle commented on her daughters hilarious note and wrote that; "This made me laugh this morning. You wouldnt think she had just had five months off would you? It didn't work and she is at school."

Danielle's post was shared to the Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas Facebook group. Several members appreciated the efforts Olivia had gone to, and one even commented to ask: "How could you say no to that?"

"What a brilliant funny kid, I'd deffo give her the day off, pamper her like a princess and be super proud of her spirit lol."

Maybe Olivia's charm will work next time.

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